Custom Wars Tactics Game ManualEdit

Welcome to Custom Wars Tactics, an emulation of the experience of Advance Wars. For all those familiar with the game, we tried to make you feel right at home with a control scheme similar to the original game. If you are not as experienced with AW, this manual is designed to help you get up and running quickly.

Platform Controls Edit

Custom Wars Tactics was designed for many different types of play styles to better suit the users. Each one was designed for the game from the ground up to give you a lot of options. Zoom can be performed in the menus for control schemes that don't support it.

Keyboard Controls - Web Version Edit

Keyboard should be configurable from the main menu (0.3.5 release).

  • Directional Pad: Arrow Keys
  • Action: Space Bar
  • Cancel: Backspace

Game Pad Controls - Web Version Edit

Game Pad should be configurable from the main menu (0.3.5 release).

  • Directional Pad: Analog Stick or Directional Pad
  • Action: Button 1
  • Cancel: Button 2

Mouse Controls Edit

  • Directional Pad: Cursor
  • Action: Left-Click
  • Cancel: Right-Click
  • Zoom Map: Scroll Wheel

Touch Pad Gestures Edit

  • Directional Pad: Single Finger - Drag or Single Finger - Hold
  • Action: Single Finger - Tap
  • Cancel: Single Finger - Double-tap
  • Zoom Map: Double Finger - Pinch

Game Controls Edit

Directional Pad Edit

  • In map, move the cursor
  • In map while attacking, change target
  • In menu, make a menu selection (up & down)
  • In build menu, change attribute statistics
  • In options menu, change various settings

Action Edit

  • In map, select a unit or invoke an action
  • In menu, select a highlighted option
  • In map over non-unit, open end turn menu

Cancel Edit

  • In menu, reverse a menu selection
  • In map, undo a unit action
  • In map over unit, see attack range of unit (close by action)

Game Screen Edit

Information Window Edit

Located on the bottom of the screen. It gives you information about the current tile by providing information.

  • NAME: The type of terrain this is.
  • HP: The amount of Hit Points this property has left.
  • Stars: The amount of defense this terrain gives.
  • Capture: The amount of capture points left on this building
  • NAME: The name of this unit
  • HP (Heart Label): How much Hit Points a unit has currently (0 - 10)
  • Fuel (Gas Label): How much fuel a unit has left (0 - 99)
  • Ammo (Bullet Label): The remaining ammo of the primary weapon.
  • Material (Screw Label): The amount of build points a unit has.